Hot Rod Visual

Ockelford visual has, with a few exceptions, been busy over recent years working on architectural visualisation, occasionally venturing into other areas, so when Hot Rod Technologies asked us to produce 3d rendered images of a Hot Rod, we were happy to take up the challenge.

Starting with a stock model from a commercial model site, we went about customising a 1932 Model B Ford Coupe (Deluxe V8) to form this rather interesting Roadster Hot Rod.  It would have been slightly easier if we’d been able to track down a stock model of a Model B Roadster, but we like a challenge.  In the end, there was not that much left of the original model as so many parts required replacement or modification, but it was still a valuable starting point as we were able to be sure of the verifiably correct proportion and scale of this 20th Century American Icon.

In addition to the straight three-quarter view, we produced some more abstracted views depicting the form and lines of the car.

1932 Model B Hot Rod


Front View

Front Grille View

High view of Front End

View Front Near Side Rear Wheel

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